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Scandinavia at a Glance

Visit Scandinavia for the adventure of a lifetime. The northernmost region of Europe has it all: spectacular natural landscapes, dynamic modern cities, and fascinating cultural history.


The countries you’ll visit on your Scandinavia tour are closely tied in both lifestyle and languages. As friendly neighbours, they’ve made it easy for visitors to travel between them. On your multi-country tour you can uncover what makes each of these magnificent countries unique.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia are set apart from their Central European neighbours by storied Viking pasts and trendy modern cultures. There is an incredible variety of sights for you to discover in these countries, by car, boat, train, or all three!

You can stop off in chic and buzzing cities, such as Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, to discover the rich cultures of the north. Dine in experimental restaurants and explore stylish boutique shops. Visit the many museums and art centres, then experience classical music performances against the backdrop of modern Europe.

Between your city stays, head out into the lush countryside to discover spectacular fjords, vast forests and crystal clear lakes. Local wildlife such as moose, bears, seals and even reindeer still thrive in different parts of Scandinavia. As you explore, you can stop in quaint villages to soak up the warm hospitality of the locals.

What really sets this region apart from other destinations is its incredible climates. In the winter, the sun sets for most of the day, blanketing each country in a magical darkness. The people here have perfected the art of staying cosy and warm, making Scandinavia the perfect destination for a winter escape.

In summer, the reverse is true. Long sunny days will give you plenty of time to explore winding city streets or cruise past glittering fjords. Scandinavia is known for being an adventure sport destination, so why not try your hand at paddleboarding, mountain hiking, or kayaking?


Your Nordic Visitor adventure will start in Sweden or Finland. There’s plenty of choice of international carriers to take you there, including British Airways, KLM, American Airlines. Cathay Pacific and Quantas.

At either of the two main airports, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Helsinki Airport, you’ll find it easy to reach the city centres and your accommodation. You can book a private transfer or use some of Scandinavia’s famously efficient public transport.

The rest of Scandinavia can be reached from any number of international airports. Norway, Denmark and Estonia’s capital cities all receive flights from all over the world.


Once you’ve arrived in Scandinavia, you’ll soon see how easy it is to get around. The five countries are friendly neighbours and have made it simple for visitors to travel between them.

Then, whichever country you’re spending time in, you’ll have no trouble going from place to place. In fact, the travel itself is part of what makes Scandinavia so amazing. Experience the freedom of driving vivid mountain routes on a self-drive tour. Or, let someone else take the wheel on a guided small group tour.

On a cruise from Tallinn or Helsinki, relax and watch the spectacular coastlines of Estonia and Finland glide past you. Then sail into the islands of Stockholm in style. You can also cruise Norway’s famous fjord system, with breathtaking views of valleys and mountains all the way.

In both Sweden and Norway, there are incredible train journeys which take you through the unspoilt countryside. Sit back and admire rolling green hills in summer, or snowy fields and frozen lakes in winter.

On our Norway in a Nutshell® tours, you can experience the spectacular Flåm Railway, one of the steepest of its kind in the world!

There are also many internal flights within the countries of Scandinavia, which can come in handy for covering longer distances. For example, you might fly the short distance from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

English is widely spoken in this region, so you shouldn’t have any problems asking for directions from the locals during your trip. See more about the languages spoken in Scandinavia to learn a few useful words for each country.


Summer in Scandinavia is all about what the Norwegians call friluftsliv – “love of the outdoors”. During July and August, some parts of this region experience the midnight sun, where the sun doesn’t set for days or weeks at a time.

On long sunny days, you can hike the trails of Sweden and swim in tranquil lakes. Wander cobbled streets and sit out to eat al fresco in the streets of Copenhagen. Kayak through the glacial fjords of Norway and admire the ancient waterways.

Don’t overlook the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn in Scandinavia. These months see far fewer visitors than in the summer, so you can avoid crowds and experience authentic culture. Expect cooler weather, even when the sun’s out, as you’re still in the north!

Explore Helsinki in April or Tallinn in May and feel like you have the cities to yourself. Stop by Stockholm in June to experience nearly 20 hours of daylight, and head out into the Swedish countryside to take part in midsummer festivities.

In September and October, watch the leaves fall in the streets of Oslo or Bergen and feel the nights draw in. Stay in a stylish hotel in Denmark and enjoy local delicacies as the Danes prepare for the cold winter ahead.

Scandinavian countries have unusual weather patterns due to their location close to, and crossing into, the Arctic. So whenever you choose to visit, you’ll be rewarded by captivating landscapes. Our helpful packing guide will make sure you’re ready for all possibilities.

In winter, the Nordic countries experience long nights and very short days. Sometimes, there is no daylight at all, when the northern regions enter the polar night. This means the sun sets for long periods of time, days or sometimes weeks.

In November and December, Scandinavia becomes wonderfully festive, with colourful lights and hearty food to warm up any traveller. Expect cold weather and dress warmly – though thanks to the Gulf Stream, the region rarely goes below freezing.

In January, February and March, the cosy atmosphere continues. You can explore snowy landscapes and frosty city streets, and get a taste of the Danish art of hygge. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, this word roughly translates to mean a warm and convivial atmosphere.


There is so much to see and do in Scandinavia, you won’t be able to pack it all into one trip. That’s why we recommend choosing based on your top priorities, and remember, you can always come back for more!

Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • The old town of Tallinn, one of Europe’s best-preserved cities
  • The “church in the rock”, Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki
  • Finland’s imposing Suomenlinna sea fortress
  • Trendy shopping streets in Stockholm and Copenhagen
  • Denmark’s historic Tivoli Gardens amusement park
  • The Little Mermaid statue in tribute to Hans Christian Andersen’s tales
  • Castles and palaces still owned by Scandinavian royalty
  • The bustling Aker Brygge district in Norway’s capital Oslo
  • The harbour city of Bergen and its iconic Fløibanen Funicular Railway
  • Stockholm’s 750-year-old Gamla Stan district
  • The Fjäderholmarna islands of Sweden and their many resident artists

Scandinavia doesn’t just offer incredible sights and places to visit. In these countries you can experience untouched natural landscapes, warm local hospitality and unmissable cuisine. Below are just some of the adventures and experiences you can have on your trip.

Food & Culture

  • Witness experimental culture in Helsinki’s Arabianranta district
  • Taste freshly caught fish from the Arctic, Baltic and North Seas
  • Discover Scandinavia’s rich Viking history
  • Experience the tradition of Swedish fika with coffee and pastries
  • Dine in unique restaurants in the trendsetting Scandinavian capitals
  • Explore museums, art galleries and concert halls
  • Have a refreshing drink in Stockholm’s ICEBAR

Nature & Adventure

  • Take in breathtaking Norwegian fjords explored by cruise or kayak
  • Relax on scenic train rides through the idyllic Swedish countryside
  • Explore, hike, swim and ski under the midnight sun
  • Glide along the coastlines of Estonia and Finland from a Baltic Sea cruise
  • Enjoy mesmerising views from the spectacular Flåm Railway
  • Tour the rugged mountains, glacial valleys and lush forests of Norway
  • Wander snow-blanketed streets in the cosy polar darkness


As you can probably already tell, there’s a huge amount to see on any trip to Scandinavia. The average stays are about 7-10 days in winter and 8-10 days in summer, and we recommend at least 12 days for a taste of all 5 countries.

Helsinki or Stockholm is where your Scandinavian adventure will begin, and there’s plenty to discover in the cities themselves. All of Nordic Visitor’s itineraries are designed to be flexible, so there’s plenty of options to make your trip perfect for you.

Read through our useful itinerary suggestions below for an idea of how to make the most of your time in Scandinavia. You can browse tours by season, theme or interest, such as romance and honeymoon or family trips. Other tour categories include:

Self-drive tours / Small guided groups / Independent tours / Castles & royalty / City break / Scandinavian countryside / Cruise travel / Train travel

May to September

7-9 days: Get a taste of the three iconic Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Land in Stockholm and spend some time exploring the famous Gamla Stan old town and trying some Swedish fika. Then, fly to Copenhagen to explore colourful streets. FInally, cruise in style to Oslo at the top of a glacial fjord.

10 days: With a week and a half, you’ll have an itinerary similar to the 7-day option but with extra time to visit the places that appeal to you the most. Board a cruise across the Baltic Sea to see Helsinki, explore the Swedish countryside, or traverse the Norwegian fjords.

11-14 days: Two weeks will let you immerse yourself deeply in Scandinavia’s buzzing cities and quaint villages. Why not start in Helsinki and cruise down to historic Tallinn? Then, travel on to explore the famous triangle of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

15+ days: Start the journey of a lifetime in either Helsinki or Stockholm. Road trip through spectacular mountains, cruise along vivid fjords, and board scenic railways past rolling hillsides and colourful villages. To extend your adventure even more, you could head north to Norway’s Arctic regions or even fly to Iceland.

October to April

7-10 days: Bundle up for a week in one of Europe’s most festive regions. Visit the colourful and welcoming capital cities by train or cruise, with plenty of time to experience the Scandinavian hygge, or “cosy atmosphere”.

11+ days: Extend your trip to enjoy more time relaxing in the snowy wonderlands of Scandinavia. Start in Helsinki and try a famous Finnish sauna session. Experience the famous Swedish fika in a Stockholm café and wander the colourful streets of Copenhagen and Oslo. End your tour in coastal Bergen.

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