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What to Pack

Bring the right clothing and gear for all seasons

In Northern Europe, it’s not unusual to experience changeable weather throughout the year or even in one day. So no matter the season, you’ll want to come well prepared and packed. This way, whatever weather comes your way won’t affect your Scandinavian adventure.

All-season essentials

No matter the season, you should always bring a variety of layers so you can adjust to the day’s conditions.

Here is a helpful packing list:
• Lightweight layers
• Warm jumper or fleece
• Jeans or long trousers
• Waterproof jacket or shell layers
• Waterproof trousers
• Scarf, hat and gloves
• Good walking shoes or hiking boots

If you’re going on a cruise or heading into the Arctic, you’ll also want to bring an insulated jacket to keep warm.

And don’t forget all your travel essentials like:
• Your mobile phone
• Binoculars for keen birdwatchers
• Travel umbrella
• Chargers and extra batteries
• And your camera to record all those fantastic memories!

Summer packing tips

If you’re travelling to Scandinavia between May and September, you can lighten up your layers. But keep in mind that summer nights can still be chilly, especially in the mountains or on the deck of a cruise ship.

Make sure to pack shorts and t-shirts as well as sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen. You’ll still want to have at least one jumper and a light scarf and gloves.

In summer, Northern Europe benefits from extra long days so you may want to bring an eye mask. This will help you if you’re a light sleeper and wake up with the sun.

Winter packing tips

If you’ve booked a trip to Scandinavia between October and April, then you’ll want to add extra layers to your packing list.

Our local experts recommend you bring woollen jumpers and base layers to keep as warm as possible. Bring a few pairs of thick woollen socks to wear in your winter boots too.

The cities may not be as cold as you expect, but it’s best to be prepared. If you are travelling on a cruise or by the sea, the wind may add an extra factor of cold.

For lighter loads

We recommend bringing a small backpack for your daily essentials since you may not have easy access to your suitcase each day between destinations. Pack your refillable water bottle, snacks, and camera. Your bag can also come in handy for hiking excursions or picnics.

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