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Do you need an adapter or converter? Find out here.

Electricity in all 3 Scandinavian countries use Northern European electrical standards (50 hz/220-240 volts). That means you might need converters or transformers for small electrical appliances brought from the USA, Canada or countries with different electrical standards.

We do not recommend bringing a hair dryer from home, as most hotels have them in guest rooms.

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Some small digital devices, like chargers for laptops, digital cameras or mobile phones, may already be compatible with multiple voltages. That means you will likely just need a travel adapter.

Wall outlets in the Scandinavian countries have standard Euro plug sockets with two round prongs. You can use adapter types “C” or “F” (often labelled as a Northern Europe adapter). This also applies to Finland and Estonia.

Make sure to check the voltage labels on your appliances or chargers. This way you’ll see if you need to use just an adapter or a converter/transformer with an adapter.

We recommend bringing this with you, but you’ll find converters and adapters available for purchase in all major Scandinavian cities.

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